22 Oct 2014

Roland Sands - Caselli desert sled

November 7th marks the release of On Any Sunday, The Next Chapter – hitting theaters nation wide. With its highly anticipated debut, Red Bull North America wanted to do something special to promote this iconic movie. Dana Brown and Roland Sands decided it would be cool to build a custom bike that would take us back to the original 1971 classic, On Any Sunday and bring those nostalgic days to modern life. This bike build could have easily taken the path of flat tracker, hill climber or road racer; but with the tragic loss of offroad racer Kurt Caselli last year at the 2013 Baja 1000, they all decided that a “desert sled” build was in order. Roland Sands contacted KTM North America and they were on board to have RSD build the bike and help tell Kurt’s story, and raise awareness of the Kurt Caselli Foundation.

The online auction bidding for the bike starts today and ends on November 29th, with a live auction at A Day In The Dirt. For more details or to start bidding please head over to Compass Auctions and be part of history. 

"Our aim was to take a brand new, 2015 KTM 450 SX-F and turn it into something with modern day performance and reliability but, with the aesthetics and styling of the long-gone bomb runners of yesteryear.  There’s something great about the simplistic lines of vintage bikes. The cool thing about customizing modern day motocrossers is that underneath all of the plastics, electric start and fuel injection, the bones really haven’t strayed too far from the original motocross bikes of the past. 
The new machines have obviously gotten a lot faster, have way better suspension and are much more reliable; but changing the look was pretty straight forward. We hand fabricated the aluminum gas tank and chromoly subframe first, then made the aluminum side panels and number plates. The aluminum fenders are reproduction versions from a 1974 Husqvarna. All of this was done right on top of the unmodified stock frame and, technically speaking, you could pretend your riding down cow trails alongside Steve McQueen one day then return it back to a stock 2015 KTM and go race Anaheim 1 with it the next, all in just a matter of a couple hours. 
We incorporated some parts that Kurt was critical about on his race bikes, including his preferred handlebar bend, grips, pegs and wheels, as well as a custom, thinned-out brake lever from Kurt’s long time factory KTM mechanic, Anthony Di Basilio. We think this bike would be set up just how Kurt would have liked it. All of the custom made parts, combined with the modern day aftermarket accessories, almost makes you wonder what year this machine is actually from.

Designer: Roland Sands
Fabricator: Aaron Boss
Mechanic: Scott Dimick
Project Manager: Cameron Brewer
Photos by: Joseph Hitzelberger

20 Oct 2014

Project VT500 Ascot - mirror, rear fender, ignition switch, LED rear light, handle bar

A week ago I bought a second hand mirror and rear fender at motorsloop Wegman Motoren in Aalsmeer. I had to cut of some pieces and drilled some holes to make the fender fit. The mirror was rusty so it needed some attention. Sandpaper did the trick.

A few weeks ago I lost my Ascot keys at Goodwood so I needed a new ignition lock. The stock ignition lock is a pain in the ass. You can't reach it when you're wearing gloves so I decided to relocate the new ignition switch to the left side. I made a small bracket from a piece of metal. Drilled 5 holes in it with my biggest drill and with a iron file I made the big hole that I needed to fit the ignition switch. Took me almost an hour to make that hole but I managed, ha!

The handle bar that I mounted some weeks ago was crooked so I needed an other one. My good friend Zoran sponsored me a nice gold anodized Rental thinwall handle bar. I did not like the gold so again I did the sandpaper workout. I think it almost took me 3 hours to get rid of the gold but now it's looking fresh!

The new rear light is a vintage Hella (bicycle?) light that I bought some years ago. Dimitri from Super Motor co. helped me to convert it to 3 LED lights. If I would have used the normal fitting I would have to dril a hole in the fender to make room for the fitting and it did not have a stop light function. Chris Dekker welded the little anus under the headlight, thanks Chris :)

Now I just need a license plate bracket to get it on the road again.

Project VT500 Ascot - swiss cheese

Yesterday I drilled some speed holes in the stock foot peg bracket and repainted the footpegs
As you can see my Hagon rear shocks need some attention.